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This site was designed to be your one-stop source for all your backyard chicken farm questions. Everything you will ever need to know about how to start your own chicken farm or how to raise chickens in your backyard is here at your disposal. I will cover all chicken raising questions from how to start a chicken flock and what are the different types of chicken breeds, how to build a chicken coop or chicken shack, how to breed chickens, how to go about chicken feeding and types of chicken feed mixtures, which chicken flocks are best to produce the best tasting chicken eggs and how to protect your livestock from predators. I will also explain to you the importance of having a rooster in your flock and what types of roosters are best to keep within your backyard chicken farm.

Now, before you go out and buy a dozen baby chickens and then are left stuck wondering what to do with all those baby chicks, you should learn as much as you possibly can about chickens and verse yourself on how to raise and feed your very own backyard chicken flock.

Chickens are perhaps God’s greatest gift to man besides the woman. When grilled, they’re lean, healthy and delicious to eat. Hens lay eggs which also can be eaten or used to make other delicious meals. However, chickens can also be great pets and fun to have in the backyard or in your own personal chicken farm.



As you browse this site, you will discover all the many different ways that you you can raise your own pet chickens right out of your backyard. I will guide you every step of the way including how to construct a chicken coop for your flock of chickens and which chickens lay the best chicken eggs. I will also show you how to cook up a healthy chicken feed mix so that your livestock can grow to be plump and healthy.

Please bookmark this page as one of your favorite chicken farm sites and feel free to drop us a line with your questions about backyard poultry. I hope to add lots of fun filled pages and features to this site such as a forum for all chicken talk and a blog where all you chicken breeders out there can share your chicken raising experiences with us. If you feel there is a topic not covered within this site, please contact us with your suggestions or articles and we will post them upon review.

I’m sure you will find all the answers to your pet chicken related questions here at MyBackyardChickenFarm.com.

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